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The Thomas Munson Foundation is a family organization of the descendants of Thomas Munson (1612 - 1685) who established the family in the American Colonies. The Foundation was incorporated in 1984 under the Laws of the State of Michigan.


  • GENEALOGY - To research the history and growth of the Thomas Munson family for the purposes of publishing genealogical data and other family records and of identifying candidates eligible for scholarship awards.

  • SCHOLARSHIP - To assist any organization(s) engaged in providing financial assistance to deserving students who are descendants of a signatory of the Fundamental Agreement (1639) of New Haven Colony, or their legally adopted children. The scholarships are to assist in their college education or vocational school.

  • RECOGNITION - To provide a medium for recognition of achievements of descendants of Thomas Munson.

  • HISTORICAL INTERESTS - To assist any organization(s) engaged in the collection, restoration, or preservation of artifacts, documents, memorabilia, monuments, buildings, or land sites of historical interest to the citizens of the United States.

  • IDEALS and VALUES - To further knowledge and understanding of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and the values and ideals expressed in these documents.

  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT - To solicit and receive funds and property to be used for these purposes.

  • PRESERVATION - To preserve family documents and other historic materials for use by present and future family researchers. The TMF and TMFSF, Inc. archive is deposited with and maintained by the New Haven Museum and Historical Society (NHMHS) at New Haven CT.

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