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ho was Thomas Munson?
The first appearance of Thomas Munson (1612-1685) in America is recorded in Hartford, Connecticut in 1637 as a member of the militia unit engaged in the Pequot Indian War. He signed the Fundamental Agreement at New Haven Colony (dated 1639) prior to April 1640 and established his permanent home. His life and actions are well documented in The Munson Record, Volume I and the Connecticut colony records.

The evidence is persuasive that the Thomas Munson who was recorded as being baptized in St. Nicholas Church in Rattlesden, County Suffolk, England on September 13, 1612, was the same man who later distinguished himself in the public affairs of colonial New Haven. The principal tie is the age listed on his gravestone… aged 73 years, which links well with the baptismal record.

The Church records document that the Thomas Munson of Rattlesden was the son of John and Elizabeth Munson. John was baptized 14 October 1571 and was buried 26 November 1650. Elizabeth was buried 3 January 1634/5. John was the son of Richard and Margery (Barnes) Munson. Richard was buried at Rattlesden on 3 December 1590, while Margery was buried there 7 February 1622/3. (The Munson Family of County Suffolk, England, and New Haven, Connecticut, Milton Rubincam, The American Genealogist, January 1941.)

Thomas Munson of Hartford and New Haven married Joanna and this marriage produced 3 children; Elizabeth, Samuel and Hannah. Samuel had nine sons who in turn had seventeen sons. The current branches, or clans, are named for these 17 great-grandsons of Thomas. Some Munson descendants are now endeavoring to trace lines back through the great-granddaughters.

At the July 2007 meetings the TMF Membership proposed and the TMF Board approved a commitment of financial support for building maintenance and improvement at St. Nicholas Church. Thomas O. Munson, TMF President, is the liaison between TMF and the church Warden. Individuals may make donations through TMF for this purpose. Contact Tom for details. View pictures and learn more about St. Nicholas Church in Rattlesden.


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