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Are YOU a twig on one of these branches?

clan family tree The branches or "clans" of our family tree are named for the great-grandchildren of Thomas Munson who had issue. Each is today headed by a volunteer Clan Historian. The Clan Historians work with the TMF Genealogical Computer Records and Reports Committee (GenDat) to maintain genealogical information regarding persons of each clan, both their lineage and their descendants.

Don't know your clan? Contact the historian.

Contact Your Clan Historian

Clan Abel
Clan Amme
Clan Amos Tuttle
Clan Benjamin
Clan Caleb
Clan Daniel
Clan Ebenezer
Clan Elizabeth
Clan Ephraim
Clan Eunice
Clan Israel
Clan Jabez

Clan Joel
Clan John

Clan Joseph Tuttle
Clan Joshua
Clan Lydia
Clan Moses
Clan Obadiah
Clan Solomon
Clan Theophilus
Clan Timothy Tuttle
Clan Waitstill
Clan William

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It is now possible to submit information on-line about you or a family member. Use the on-line form to inform the Foundation about new listings, up-dates for family members already in volumes I-V, or corrections to information about individuals in volumes I-V.

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